How it all started.

Embarking on the journey that started KUKI Natural Remedies, our thriving skincare company owes its origins to a mother's unwavering commitment to her son's well-being. Faced with a significant burn on his face, a consequence of playful antics with a hot iron, financial constraints led her to explore the effectiveness of Samoan remedies. Seeking guidance from village elders, she discovered the potency of a natural remedy featuring bamboo charcoal. The remarkable outcome, leaving no trace of a scar on her son's face, fueled her passion for delving further into the realm of natural remedies to care for her entire family.

How it developed.

Fast forward to 2015, our founder Maria found herself grappling with a severe second-degree burn on her chin. Recalling the incredible pain relief provided by the bamboo remedy, she was inspired to conceptualise the remarkable products that define KUKI skincare today. From here the Leota family's kitchen served as a three-year laboratory where they meticulously tested and researched products. Embracing the essence of traditional Samoan culture, they utilised the finest, quality ingredients naturally provided by the Pacific Islands. While the name 'KUKI' holds a sentimental connection, a fusion of her children's names, Karla and Puki.

Our skincare today.

Today, our cutting-edge company is dedicated to providing natural, artisanal skincare straight from the heart of Samoa. Our products, utilising primarily indigenous and botanical ingredients, stand at the forefront of addressing various ailments and conditions, including burns, muscle aches, anxiety, acne, and anti-aging. Our range modernises ancient remedies, sharing our culture with the world. We actively support local farmers and village women by exclusively sourcing from them. Currently available in local shops and resorts in Samoa and American Samoa, we plan to export to the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Asia in 2024. 

Our commitment

Natural Ingredients

We use ingredients that are natural, sun dried, wild harvested and cold pressed.

Locally Sourced

We buy all our botanical supplies from local Samoan farmers. 

Our Essence

We offer an alternative solutions to common skin problems. 


At KUKI, we're passionate about preserving the environment. Our natural skincare products leave no harmful footprint on the planet, especially on the soil, water, and air. We are dedicated to achieving a zero carbon footprint by harnessing the power of solar energy.

Harm Free

With our gentle formulations free from harsh chemicals, KUKI natural skin care products aim to minimise the likelihood of triggering allergic reactions, inflammation, or irritations, ensuring a soothing and safe experience for your skin.


We are dedicated to cruelty-free practices, KUKI natural skincare proudly embraces vegan formulations, meticulously excluding animal products, testing, as well as harmful chemicals and preservatives to provide a pure and ethical experience for your skin.

Female Run 

We pride ourselves on being a female lead company; having started from a mother’s desperation to help her son. 

More than just a skincare brand; we're your partners in embracing the healing power of nature.